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Neil Clegg

Lipont Caus capital
Senior Vice President
Lipont Caus Capital (http://www.lipontinvestment.com ) is the international investment venture of the Libang Pharmaceutical Group (http://www.libang.com.cn/en/index.php). We are a major pharmaceutical producer in China with extensive advanced technology development and manufacturing capabilities, and a national sales and distribution network throughout the public health system. We are also a health insurance service provider in China.

Our Lipont Caus Capital priorities are:

• develop international markets for Libang’s products, principally clean operating room technologies, generic drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs);
• identify and invest in promising North American capabilities in the life sciences industries; and
• take these technologies and capabilities to China, including through integration into our National Standardized Day Surgery Centre initiative.

As a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are interested in all aspects of personalized medicine, including emerging Stemcell science and therapies. Consistent with our second and third priorities, we are particularly interested in innovative surgical procedures, including AI-enabled diagnostic and therapeutic robotic technologies, and sterilization/infection-control procedures and technologies.