At VSW we value enthusiasm and engagement, so we will be operating a first-come first-served policy for ALL our events. Registration will open 10 minutes before each event. So if you turn up before the capacity of the event is met, you will be given a seat.
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Andrea Dobbs

Village Bloomery
Co-Founder & Brand Manager

With an educational background in Design and Display, Andrea has worked most of her life in retail, with a focus on design and management. Throughout her career, Andrea has had the pleasure of working for forward-thinking retailers like IKEA, The Body Shop, and Womyns Ware. Andrea has recently been featured on the cover of the Georgia Straight and is interested in redefining what cannabis means to women.

Twitter: @Andreadobbs2 

Instagram: @villagebloomer @villagebloomery

Website: www.villagebloomery.com