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Randa Salloum

CIEL Creative Marketing x ARCHIVE
Founder & Creative Director
Based in Vancouver, BC – Award-winning Vancouver Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Randa Salloum uses her impact in the Fashion Industry to shine a light on sustainable living as a conscious consumer. With a vast network & engaging audience, Randa uses her platforms to encourage knowledge-sharing around sustainability, eco-impact and current events while mixing in fashion, beauty, travel and food for a well-rounded lifestyle.
Randa carries over ten of experience in the Fashion & Marketing industry and currently promotes informative action in generating a circular economy as the Co-Founder & President of ARCHIVE, Canada’s Largest Consignment Pop-Up for Men, Women & Children. In addition, Randa is the Founder & CEO of Vancouver-based boutique marketing agency, CIEL Creative Marketing. CIEL aims to fuel empowerment and education in business owners that can trickle down into its content and customers.
Over the last decade as Blogger, Randa has shared many stories and has inspired many. If you have been a reader since the begning you have seen the trajectory that Randa’s career has taken and the growth in her life choices. This site acts as a creative outlet to share her knowledge and connect with others who are interested in the same topics or experiencing a similar path.