At VSW we value enthusiasm and engagement, so we will be operating a first-come first-served policy for ALL our events. Registration will open 10 minutes before each event. So if you turn up before the capacity of the event is met, you will be given a seat.
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Stephanie Sharp

3DQue Systems

Steph Sharp is CEO of 3DQue Systems, a 3D printing automation technology company and founder of the first Small Business Finance Forum event in Vancouver for small to medium-sized businesses. Over the past 30 years she has developed innovative, sustainable, financial solutions for business leaders and her passion is working with entrepreneurs to get the financing they need to grow their business.
There is lots of information out there about how to raise equity financing. In today’s world, that’s just not enough. Once you have investor’s money, you need to leverage the investment to make it go twice as far. Many business owners struggle to find non-dilutive financing and fund the next level of growth. With all of the attention on equity, this is a unique event tailor-made for growing businesses that need financing to get to the next level.

These are fast paced workshops with experts in a variety of areas from banking and accounting to grants and tax credits. Working together, they show you how to work with government and banks to get the money you need to grow your business – quickly, easily and with lower risk.